■ Do you have students who would benefit from one to one help with their interview skills? Maybe you have students who lack confidence or become very nervous under pressure. Could they benefit from bespoke help designed around their individual needs?

■ Would you like an Interview Skills Expert to do a Masters Class in your school or college for your students on how to do Further and Higher Education interviews, and also Job Interviews?

■ Would you like to arrange an informal chat with me to find out the ways I can help your students with their interview skills on an individual basis?

■ Do you teach students with special educational needs who would benefit from an individualized approach to coping with interviews?

■ Would the staff in your school or college enjoy a Masters Class specially designed for them so THEY can prepare the students themselves for the challenge of interviews?


✔ Design and deliver a package of help, designed specifically to your requirements for your students. The package can include any of the above area that you choose.

✔ Help each student to demonstrate their full potential at application and interview stages by maximising their communication skills and confidence.

✔ I can discuss with you any additional areas you would your students to have help with; as teachers you are best placed to know what your students need.

✔ As a qualified and experienced teacher myself, I am very committed to working in partnership with all education professionals to give our young people the best possible start to their adult lives. I can provide a quality package that sits well with the ethos of your school or college.


If you are interested in finding out more about what Positive Interview Preparation can offer, just get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you.