Information for parents

Who I Am

• I am a trained communication specialist with many years experience working with effective communication strategies for a wide range of people.

• My previous professional life as a speech and language therapist and teacher inform my work with speaking, facial expression, and body movements. Your son or daughter may be a great speaker, but benefit from some help with posture and facial expression to come over well in interviews. Alternatively, they may suffer from nerves and might be supported best by learning strategies to help control nerves in interviews.

• I worked in two universities for many years interviewing students and awarding university places, so I have substantial experience in knowing what universities and colleges are looking for.

• I love working with students and young people to help them fulfil their job potential or realise their educational ambitions. It can be that we work on a range of skills together. Or it may be that there is one skill the young person can develop, to be the best version of themselves on their big interview day.

• I work in a supportive non judgemental way to build confidence and skills. I design bespoke help for each young person that is purely for them, focused carefully for their specific profile of interview performance needs.

• I make sure each young person’s confidence, sense of self and well being stays as high as possible while we prepare for interviews.

Here’s How It Works With Your Son or Daughter:

✔ Find out what mistakes they are making and how to avoid repeating them.

✔ Get constructive and supportive feedback on where they are not so strong.

✔ Practise challenging interview questions until they are confident with them.

✔ Learn how to organise their answers smoothly so they don’t go off the point.

✔ Learn the difference and be ready for Competency based interviews or Behavioural interviews.

✔ Communicate confidently, but in a way true to themselves.

✔ Learn how they can talk about their strengths, and do justice to their CVs and their abilities.